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Plantations Department

  • Plantations Department was created out of Services and Plantations Department through Circular No. ADM/129/853 of January 29, 2008. The Department is made up of the following components:

  • Head of Department’s Office

  • Plantations Management Division

  • Harvesting Division

  • Livestock Unit

  • Vegetable garden Unit

  • NIFOR Demonstration Farm, Ohosu, Edo State

  • NIFOR Plantations, Usen, Edo State

Brief History
  •  The division is charged with the responsibility of engaging, disengaging, management of labour and labour wages for the entire institute through the authorization of the Department after approval from the Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director. Other functions include:
    • Supply of labour to various Divisions whenever the need arises
    • Clearing, re-opening of old plantations for accessibility and establishing new plantations
    • Clearing and layout of new fields
    • Maintenance of roads and general sanitation of premises
    • Maintenance of office premises, trimming of hedges and golf way
    • Supply of firewood to Agric Engineering Research Department
    • Supply of bunch refuse to the Nursery Division, transportation of goods and materials as and when necessary
    • Mowing of lawns in the public fields, offices and the entire institute.
    • Cutting of trees threatening offices and residential areas, and shrubs within plantations
    • In charge of environmental health and sanitation including septic tanks
    • In charge of livestock unit
    • In charge of vegetable garden.